Our mission

We ensure accessibility to treatment with modern and efficient medicines helping people be healthy and happy thanks to European quality standards, innovations, continual development, competence and consistent reputation of the responsible business and reliable partner

Our vision

Farmak is a successful international pharmaceutical company, a leader in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry with a continuously growing market share and a consistent reputation of responsible business and reliable partner. Most of Farmak’s profit is annually re-invested in the Company’s growth and development enabling it to expand the business with European quality standards in Ukraine and to strengthen the position internationally.

Our values


Provision for highest standards and requirements for both the products and work of each Company’s employee individually and entire personnel


Development of the person inside the Company and of the Company in Ukraine and globally


High qualification of each employee and the Company as a whole as a foundation for success and quality assurance


Self-perception by the employees as a part of the Company and commitment to perform work as well as possible helping the Company to accomplish the mission


Use of good practices in manufacture and management, search for innovative solutions to tasks