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The history of Farmak International in Poland began in 2015, when Nordfarm, a Lodz-based company specialising in non-prescription medicines and dietary supplements, became part of the Farmak Group.

Since then, work has begun to develop the company’s portfolio and expand its product range to include prescription drugs.

Under the leadership of Farmak International, Nordfarm’s strategy continued towards uncompromising product quality and modern business practices.

Today, the Farmak Group includes a main office in Switzerland and production facilities in Ukraine specialising in both finished products and active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are Farmak’s core activities. In addition, there are 10 sales offices in Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

In 2022, construction began on a factory in Barcelona, Spain, scheduled to open in 2024.

In 2023, two companies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia joined Farmak International.

Farmak International currently exports its medicinal products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

On 03.01.2024 Nordfarm Sp. z o.o. was merged with Farmak International Sp. z o.o., so that all obligations now remain with Farmak International with full organisational and legal continuity.